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July 9, 2022

Star Trek Enterprise Mirror Universe Women s Cosplay TPol Costume Size XS. As of 2155 she served as science officer aboard the ISS Enterprise NX-01.

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How did they lose.

Mirror universe t'pol. Also shes wearing a jumpsuit styled like the TOS Mirror Universe womens uniforms that shows off her midriff. Mirror TPol At last. US 2100 0 bids shipping.

She does not look frail. Jolene Blalock For the prime universe counterpart please see TPol. Archer says hes taking command and Mayweather shoots the unfortunate soul who tries to call security.

Its all for sale. Contents 1 Biography 11 Early life 12 Enterprise 13 The Defiant 14 Rebel 15 Supreme Regent of Vulcan 2 Connections. Voyager was known for itd be one of two answers.

A spatial rift opened up in front of the Enterprise so I escaped in a shuttlecraft and have taken my best friend Ensign Britney along with meShe wanted to come as she felt hard done by in the universe she came from. Boiling Point by Olli. Then TPol who I would assume is still Vulcan in the Mirror Universe gets all angry and emotional as she tries to convince Soval that they need to stop Archer from overthrowing the Emperor.

TPol resented being thought of as a slave and would often voice her opinion on matters whether she had been asked to do so or not. Mirror TPol Star Trek Mirror Travis Mayweather. The Mirror Universe was Enterprises Borg.

In the mirror universe Lieutenant Commander TPol was a female Vulcan serving in the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire in the 22nd century. HoshiTPol fic recs. So Ive decided to dip my pen into the femslash world.

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As a bonus its also a ReedArcher story. Tolaris introduced her to the concept of the mind meld which at the time was considered a taboo activity among Vulcans. 0 h 35 m 5 s.

Enter US 2100 or more. Commander TPol was a Vulcan who served aboard the ISS Enterprise as science officer. Not once does she do that panicky eyes darting back and forth thing.

Unknown 2155 Born. Her plan is to give all the data about the Defiant to the rebels and then destroy the Defiant but she needs his help. Hoshi Sato II looks back on how her mother rebuilt the Terran Empire thus becoming Her Most Imperial Majesty Overlord of Vulcan Regina Andor Supreme Magistrate of Denobula Orion Chairman and Chief of Tellar.

Also as an aside Mirror Universe TPol is obviously well integrated emotionally and never huffed any trellium in her life. Teacake Jun 11 2010 1 JiNX-01 Admiral Admiral Joined. So far this story is the best one Ive found.

Mirror Universe Commander TPol was the Vulcan science officer aboard the ISS Enterprise. Imperial Starfleet Resistance Rank. While yes thats a bit of a copout in the.

The salamander mating or the Borg for good reason too. Similarly the writers wanted to make the mirror universe TPol more ruthless and logical in a less compassionate and much harder way than her counterpart in the regular universe. TPol who is described by her superiors as a maverick and a rebel became fascinated by Tolaris a member of a group of fully emotional Vulcans encountered during the first year of Enterprises mission.

So as I plan out my Mirror Universe story – Ive decided to push the pansexuality. ENT Season 4 DVD audio commentary Mike Sussman wrote the episode alone over the Christmas 2004 hiatus. By Mistress Euclid Thu Sep 30 2010 621 am.

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14 rows In the mirror universe Lieutenant Commander TPol was a female Vulcan serving in the Imperial. In a Mirror Darkly Fanon continuities Before In a Mirror Darkly TPol had a high status amongst the alien conscripts aboard Enterprise as she was a member of the Vulcan Syrrannite movement. I was born free to a woman of Vulcan.

She is wonderfully kick ass. I believe some of the crew refer to me as the Captains Pet As this was in connection with Captain Forrest I had no objection. She is pretty awesome.

This is a direct sequel to the Star Trek. Archer goes to the bridge to confront Mirror TPol whos differentiated from normal TPol by her long hair extensions. 2 days agoAt first glance Omega Mart looks like a grocery store from a mirror universe.

After all these months of waiting Ive made it back into the universe where I came from. There are cereal boxes with slogans like Simply Does Not Contain Spiders lemon-lavender canned beverages called Gender Fluid and liters of shrimp-flavored blue liquid that supposedly expires 18 minutes after being opened. Enterprise Mirror Universe two-parter In a Mirror Darkly This ignores the Glass Empires series of novels none of which Ive read.

During her pon farr cycle TPol had Trip Tucker do her a favor that he enjoyed doing several times. The listing has ended Starting bid. TPol mirror View source Mirror Universe coexisting on another dimensional plane Species.

The Borg were a huge part of the series and were instrumental for most of the final four seasons worth of shows. If you ask fans what Star Trek. FollowFav The Empress and TPol Mirror Universe By.

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